Men’s Suits

Men’s Suits

What is the peak of menswear?  A beautifully tailored, accessorized, and styled suit.   From the basic two piece to the three-piece vested suit, men’s Men’s Suits are still seen as flattering and classy.  However, when your looking for the perfect suit, it is beneficial to understand a little history.  Men’s suits first came into fashion in the early 1800s with a design from Beau Brummell.  He rejected the fashion of the day or frock coats and powder wigs and opted for a simple jacket and full length trouser.  Slowly becoming fashion, suits did not take off until President Abraham Lincoln began wearing them.  The fashion quickly took off with three-piece suits being the fashion preference at the beginning of the 1900s.  The Roaring 20s added flair and elaborate embellishment with accessories such as ties, tie pins, tie bars, and colorful shirts making their appearance as a way of showing off wealth.

Men’s Suits Evolve

As the movie industry grew, the appeal and draw of suits grew also.  Famous actors and singers like Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby made their mark by making a suit their attire of choice. The man who brought us “White Christmas” was never seen without a crisp white dress shirt, which he often wore with a bow tie, or, more casually, tie-less.  The war years saw the increase of rayon as the material of choice due to traditional fabric being in short supply.  The traditional pinstripe with white shirt became the trend in the 60s while more groovy, wide bottomed pants appeared near the end of the decade.

Modern Men’s Suits

After many changes and new trends, the men’s suit today is still the basic two or three piece, with personal touches added in. The options have expanded and now its all about your preferences and taste.  Temecula Men’s Suit Outlet has embraced the trends and classics providing you with a full assortment of fine suits to chose from.  The Temecula Men’s Suit Outlet was begun from the increased need for high end men’s fine clothing, which had become an increasing challenge.  The Temecula men’s Suit outlet goal is to provide fine formal and casual clothing along with an array of accessories, which are all a part of the well-dressed, fashion conscious Southern California male.

As it pertains to men’s suits, “one look fits all” does not apply or make sense.  A good suit should embody your personality while embracing and enhancing your body type.  Men change over time and so does their taste and needs in suits.  That’s not to mention how different occasions call for different men’s suit styles and types, and suit trends will change over time as well.  How do you know what suit is right for you?  The team at Temecula Men’s Suit Outlet is ready to help.  Our team is uniquely qualified to help you make the right choice and have it correctly tailored to make you look your very best.

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